I Never Said That I Was Brave - Digital Download

Before there was [A-->B] Life there was I Never Said That I Was Brave. Recorded on March 17th 2001, the band's first release is a raw and unpolished post-hardcore EP featuring 5 songs, including some older versions of classic songs as well as some of the band's deepest cuts. Re-issued for the first time in over 15 years, the digital version of I Never Said That I Was Brave comes fully remastered and is available in FLAC, WAV, Hi-Bit Rate MP3.

Track Listing:
I Never Said That I Was Brave
Dying is Strange and Hard
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
Four Word Letter

    Produced and Mixed by Arik Victor at Creep Studios
    Recorded and Engineered by Arik & Mike at Creep Studios
    Recorded 17 March, 2001
    Re-mastered by Hans Dekline at Sound Bites Dog in 2016

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