I Never Said That I Was Brave - Hand-Painted Vinyl

Ships in 3-4 Weeks

Before there was [A-->B] Life there was I Never Said That I Was Brave. Recorded on March 17th 2001, the band's first official release is a raw and unpolished 5-song EP, including earlier recordings of soon-to-be classics, as well as some of mewithoutYou's deepest cuts.

This version of I Never Said That I Was Brave includes a vinyl of the 2016 pressing paired with individually hand-painted packaging by Vasily Kafanov. Each copy is a distinctly unique piece of artwork (no two copies are the same) and only 42 have been produced for this super limited run. 

    Track List:
    I Never Said That I Was Brave
    Dying is Strange and Hard
    We Know Who Our Enemies Are
    Four Word Letter

    EP1 / Kickstart Audio / 2001
    Produced by Arik Victor

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