Pale Horses Now Available for Pre-Orders

by Michael Almquist | May 04, 2015 | 2 Comments

Pale Horses, the new album from mewithoutYou is in stores & online this Summer June 16th, but right now you can pre-order the album to get your copy as soon as its available. Pale Horses is available on LP, CD, Cassette, Digital Download and also on a very fancy Limited Deluxe Edition only available through Check the links below.

Limited Deluxe Edition:
US/CAN via Run For Cover:
UK/EU via Big Scary Monsters:
AUS/NZ via Cooking Vinyl:


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November 14, 2015


Well, after reading and re-reading your post, I have many tnighs to say! First of all, good job being honest ) That truly is one of the hardest tnighs to do sometimes, but oh so healing. Second, dad doesn’t remember the arcade incident though I have a small recollection of it. Are you sure it wasn’t Gabe who did that? Maybe us good parents don’t remember those kind of tnighs )I think the thing that hit me the most is your comment toward the end that reads I believe the only way I am ever to become such a man is to give up entirely the process to God. The hardest and, at the same time, easiest step. The hardest because I have to let go of tnighs that have made me me ; the easiest because God truly does gently take me through each step and allows me to see the true me that He made me to be. I, too, can honestly admit that i am a liar in many ways. For me, not believing the truth of who I am in Christ and instead believing the lies that the enemy, culture and others say, is the process i would like God to lead me through. I truly want my identity to be one in who Christ dwells and in who He delights .So, in conclusion, thanks, Luke for being honest. And I thank God for allowing you to have so much time on your hands that you could write out some of your true feelings. You are a wonderful son and i am very proud of you. (You know that dad is going to be all over this soon! I wonder if he will exceed the length of your post?) Love you! Mom

Andrew Mignacca
July 21, 2015

Andrew Mignacca

How long does it take to get in an order in? I bought the Pale horses deluxe LP on June 24th and still haven’t received it.

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