Exclusive Vinyl on Black Friday!

November 11, 2014

This band has always been known to experiment with oursound. But not all of that experimentation sees the light of day. Often songs are demoed, demoed again, edited, overdubbed, and even re-contextualized entirely before they are sequenced on a record. This is the case with East Enders Wives, a track from our fifth album, Ten Stories, released back way in 2012. This 12" Maxi Single illustrates the many forms a song can take; from its humble beginnings as a basement recoding, to a somber, string-clad ballad, all the way to the final album track. As a special treat this release also includes a unique remix by our dear friend and electronic artist, Dusty Brown. The remix was created especially for this release. The track list is as follows:

Side A
1. Album Version
2. Orchestral Version
3. Remix

Side B
1. Demo
2. Instrumental
3. Remix Instrumental

Another unique thing about this release is that it will be available exclusively on Black Friday only through local, independent music store. But be forewarned, not all stores will carry this title, because they are independent in the full sense of the word and make all their own stocking decisions. So here is the current list of stores that will be selling this exclusive limited edition vinyl. If you don't see a store near listed, then we urge you call your local indie music store and tell ask them to order "mewithoutYou's East Enders (Wives Maxi Single)" through Redeye Distribution.

1-2-3-4 Go! Records
2nd Avenue Records
Amoeba Music Hollywood
Amoeba Music San Fran
Angelo's CD's & Tapes
Attic Record Store, Inc.
Black Dots
BooBoo Records-San Luis Obispo
Bull Moose Music
CD Central
CFBG Records
Cactus Music
Canterbury Records
Criminal Records
Culture Clash
Daddy Kool
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dave's Records
Dearborn Music
Decatur CD
Dimple Records
Disc Exchange
Down in the Valley
Doylestown Music, dba Siren
Ear Candy
Easy Street Records
Encore Music
End of An Ear
Euclid Records
Everyday Music
Exile on Main Street-Champaign
Fond Object
For The Record
Good Records
Guestroom Records Louisville
Guestroom Records Norman
Guestroom Records OKC
Hear Again Music and Movies
Homer's Records
House of Records
Independent Records
Indy CD and Vinyl
Ka-CHUNK Records
Lakeshore Record Exchange
Landlocked Music
Love Garden Sounds
Luna Music
Lunchbox Records
Mad Platter-Riverside
Mills Record Company
Monster Music & Movies
Music Millennium
Music Record Shop
Music Saves
Newbury Comics HQ
Omega Music (Dayton)
Other Music
Park Ave. CD's
Plan 9 HQ
Port of Sound Record Shoppe
Princeton Record Exchange
Pure Pop Records
Rainbow Records (Barrington)
Reckless Records - Loop
Reckless Records- Wicker Park
Reckless Records-Broadway
Record Exchange Boise
Records Per Minute
Redscroll Records
Retrofit Records
Revolver Pensacola
Rhino Records Claremont
Rough Trade Retail (USA)
SG Distributing-Gray Whale CD
Schoolkids Records of NC. Inc
Seasick Records
Silver Platters LLC
Skully'z Recordz
Sonic Boom Records-WA
Sound Garden
Soundburst Audio
Square Records
Streetlight - San Jose
Streetlight - Santa Cruz
Strictly Discs
The Exclusive Co.
The Groove
Toad Hall Books & Records
Transcontinent Record Sales
Turntable Lab
Twist & Shout
Underdog Records
Underground Sounds
Used Kids
Vintage Vinyl Fords
Vinyl Daze Records
Vinyl Rescue Project LLC
Von's Records
Waiting Room Records
Wax N' Facts
Wuxtry Records-Athens
Zia Enterprises, Inc.
Zions Gate / Kreation Records

Check The Store Locator to see the participating stores in your area.   We encourage any and all relationships with your local stores, so they know what you’re looking for, and you’ll know what they’re thinking of bringing in.