Suddenly There is a Tidal Wave

July 20, 2011 0 Comments

So yesterday I said I was excited about recording “Harry’s College Fund”…one of you perceptively replied about it being a moneymaking track due to it’s title, the humor was noted. Harry is of course the superstar of the house, the famed young one, one of the most beautiful kids I have ever seen, my pal and house mate and yes, mama has dreams of him going to college one day or whatever form of higher education seems appealing to him.  I am sure when he is of age, things will look a lot differently, can the current model keep running as it is?  Who knows, it is of minor importance, was just giving a little shout out and insight to the different names you will read in here.

Let me say this. about the joke song title…it was a beast to record, a total monster, I had such a hard time trying to nail stuff today, it was humbling.  It wasn’t even 24 hours ago I was gushing, now I am exhausted and slightly defeated.  The finished drum and bass parts are pretty wild, it is certainly not the “moneymaker” it was labeled as, it’s rhythm is dubby, hard snare hits, quick dropped in fills and has a pretty freaky timed ending which ultimately we got great takes of.  The whole process beat me down.  The day started off on good pace then we tried to kick it up by attacking some of the “harder” stuff to play, the brakes squealed and my concentration was rattled.  Before the two tunes today, we were coasting down easy street, the songs engrained in our brains, there was no worries.  I described it like this…ever see Teen Wolf?  No, not the the new MTV series, the one from the eighties with that Fox guy in it, what was his name?    Anyways, I felt myself getting irritable, totally of my own doing and when that starts to happen, it has a ripple effect that is almost uncontrollable, I become short tempered, get fed up more easily, don’t want to be talked to, much like a dude turning into a wolf in his parents bathroom, it takes every ounce of effort in one’s body to control the “change”.  I don’t ever want to be that way, for real.  It is easy to fall into such patterns and behaviors, ultimately, that is just bad for business, it brings everybody into this cyclone of some weird rage that doesn’t need to exist, for real.   Right now, I feel almost embarrassed for doing the long look out the window, hands on my face with a look of total dismay.  It’s music.  These people are a family to me, real brothers and sisters, who have experienced so many things spanning across the entire emotional and physical spectrum.  We share things beyond music that bond us in life.  I don’t ever want to treat anybody whom I love like that.  Uncontrolled frustration can be collapsing to a project.  I guess by writing this, I am airing out my laundry in the hopes that I will hold fast to my own words, call it internet accountability.  Sometimes I need to be put in check.  It wasn’t Y2K or anything like that, all’s I know is that it probably didn’t look pretty.  LEAVE ME ALONE!  It’s okay to laugh.

Back to the albatross-plural-whatever that is-

The song that was undertaken about two hours before that one didn’t get done, it will be revisited.  Now, the feeling is,  it is kind of like being in line at Magic Mountain waiting to get on “Goliath”, you know it will be fine and that it wasn’t designed to be a death machine but still, there is great anticipation.   I need to get that one out of my system, sooner than later.  Greg told me that a ghost would visit me in my sleep tonight and guide me down the path of righteous drumming, even in the dark caverns, torch-less, I must follow closely behind-yes, I am reading “Game of Thrones” right now.  I still can’t get over that Eddard had to die the way he did, with no dignity whatsoever.  Blah.  The plan now is to just go right at “we will never get off of this island”, giving it everything we got in the tank.  Tomorrow is a new day, fresh with ideas and possibilities.  I am trying to lean in casual and take a big bite out of whatever comes our way.

That’s all for now.

Sweat drips slowly down my face…