Fingers Crossed.

August 13, 2011

We are back in Philadelphia for only a night…

Joe Jackson’s “Stepping Out” has been on repeat since I woke up today.  Like a long lost dream it came back to me all at once.  Totally jamming.

Even though we have only been on the road for a week or so, with all the bus problems and floor crashing, this city was a sight for sore eyes; even if I did drop my post show buffalo chicken sandwich which was slathered with toppings on the back floor of my dads van (which he just cleaned).  My old man makes the haul, he told Beaver last night that he has seen over forty mewithoutYou shows, that’s dedication right there.

Speaking of dedication…

Mike Almquist, our tour manager, merch person, most of all dearest friend, has gone above and beyond the call of what any dude should do for a band.  In our time of unfortunate recurrences, he is constantly pacing on the phone, calling mechanics and tow trucks drivers with names like Chester, Kreebellz, Santosdingo, making preparations, ordering pizzas, cracking the best jokes, laughing the loudest, and just handling our messy business.  It takes dedication like this to make the wheels turn, for real, on the bus and in the organization.  So my gratitude cannot be expressed enough to my brother the Almquizzical.

I think we have been playing well.  I don’t want to go into an ego stroke of what I thought were highlights but I am proud of what we have been leaving on the stage every night, even if the people along the barricade can’t muster but a glimpse of a smile.  It’s a tough sell sometimes.  We hadn’t done a proper support tour in years, you just gotta remember that most people there have never heard your music and just power through the set.  I just need a few smiles, I am not asking for headnods, you don’t gotta bob along if you don’t want to, just crack a smile please.  I know Alkaline Trio is kind of dark but you are at a show!  It’s a beautiful thing, experiencing live music!  Why not smile?

They are a respectful bunch though, band, crew, fans and I appreciate that.  We are grateful to be on a tour with a veteran band with such dedicated fans.  It isn’t that strange.  I was just having a discussion with a friend about how our people never let us down, baking sweet treats, saying hi, talking music, high fiving, it’s a pleasure being on tour and seeing all of you.  You too are part of the gears.  So thanks.

Tonight the Troc, Kleinberg’s baby naming ceremony, good friends and family, you, me, us, them!!!!  Let’s get together!

r  ii   c        k      k    iiiiii              e

Merch Shipments Delayed 3-4 Weeks

Because the mewithoutYou Online Store is independently managed by the band, orders for merchandise placed between June 29th and July 24th may encounter shipping delays of up to 4 weeks due to personal time away. Please contact customer service with any inquiries.