The Key Session Interview

December 21, 2011 0 Comments

Originally when we announced  the WXPN Key Session we had planned to premiere the performances of three hot new songs from our new album. We also announced that it would be hitting the internet on December 14th. Well here we are a week late and sadly we are not premiering any full performances of new material. When the band got the audio and video back, they we’re not as hot the performances as we had hoped they would be; they were actually kind of cold. Simply put, they didn’t sound great and weren’t prepared to put out anything less than that. But we we’re able to salvage some of the performances and you can hear some snippets of the stuff mixed in with the interview the band shot. We’re sorry its not more, but we think it should whet your appetites just enough.

Here’s a link to the full Key Session:

Also we’d like to offer a shout-out to John Vettese for putting a lot of hard work and energy into putting this thing together. Word’em up, Vettese.

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