August 09, 2011

Who’d of thought Akron Ohio’s crowd could rival anybody else in the states?  Not me.  Though I love them dearly because they always come out in droves, much to my surprise, the audience tonight steered the vibe of the show, made it fun to be on a stage and play music.  Thank you Akron.  You were all wonderful.  We did two new songs tonight, one was a live debut and you know, technical problems aside, it sounded rad and overall the show was awesome.  Sometimes I feel like the luckiest dude alive.  Even post show, getting to say hi and talk to some awesome dudes and gals, it is a pleasure and it means the world when people just want to say hi and what’s up.  Tonight I was wolfing out and  tried to explain to people that I have a rush from playing that takes about an hour to settle after the show, my adrenalin is through the roof for serious, I feel like a maniac and like I want to strangle a dude even though I am not really that violent.  So, if you ever catch me after the show and I am finicky and jumpy and looking around and acting like a wild man, it’s the post show stress coming down.  For the most part, this only happens if the show is totally physical and righteous. I get so excited!

Don’t want to forget to mention Toronto, they were an awesome crowd too.  I haven’t been to Toronto in a few years, in fact, we haven’t been to Toronto probably since 2008, it was nice to be back. Even though Canada is connected to America and primarily a white country, from what I gather when I am there, it isn’t really like America, it is somehow different, this is not a bad or weird thing, it just feels so, ummm European at times.  Only four hundred miles away from home and the land is so foreign to me.  Maybe it is a currency issue, who knows.  I don’t want to mention food too often but that is one of the main reasons I love tour aside from the free time and music and friends and fans, food is up there….I had some chicken shwarma that just melted me from the inside out, it was cheap too.  I had to ditch all my Canadian coinage so I left the dog a big tip, they appreciated it greatly.  I went to sleep feeling like the man.


So yeah, after two headlining shows, we pick back up with Alkaline Trio tomorrow night in Pittsburgh PA, Club Zoo here we come.  Anything good around this spot?  I was kind of second hand-ily informed that we won’t have a dressing room so that only leaves some kind of greasy spoon for me to eat at.  Suggestions, let me know.  I don’t want to hear about terrible towels and all that, I am a true Eagles fan….we can get along anyways because I don’t care for hockey I know how much you all love your Penguins…sorry Philly, I could take or leave the Flyers, jeeeeeze man, relax, they just don’t appeal to me.

You know what appeals to me, my girlfriend, late night tacos, cheap drinks, old nintendo games, good thrift store finds, hot sauce, the Breeders, dubstep, dub, my family and all that good stuff.  It’s much to late to be writing, I probably offended some of you with the hockey talk or non hockey talk rather…..be safe, love your friends and family, be good to everyone you meet today, there is no reason not to.


Merch Shipments Delayed 3-4 Weeks

Because the mewithoutYou Online Store is independently managed by the band, orders for merchandise placed between June 29th and July 24th may encounter shipping delays of up to 4 weeks due to personal time away. Please contact customer service with any inquiries.