Coming Soon: The Key Session

November 16, 2011

XPN Studio Sessions mewithoutYou 11.11.11

Last Friday, Novmember 11th, the band got together and recorded live-in-the-studio at WXPN in Philadelphia for The Key Studio Sessions. If you’re not familiar with The Key Studio Sessions (and I’m sure most of you are not), imagine Daytrotter for bands from Philly plus video and then add in an interview.

If you’ve listened to any sort of in-studio session before you know that the best ones are the ones that offer some sort of exclusive material. So we took this as opportunity to premiere the performances of three brand new, unreleased songs from our new album coming out next year. We are really excited to share this new material with everyone and you can hear these three new songs plus two others when they go up online at The Key’s website on December 14th.

Also we wanted to mention that Eric Ashleigh shot some photographs of the sessions and he did an amazing job. You can see them up on The Key’s website, or you can head over to his portfolio site ( where he’s got higher quality versions up