You Could Join Aaron on Stage

December 13, 2011

photo by Jessica Fairchild

The following is is a message from Aaron:

Hello – I’d like to invite anyone who’s interested & capable to bring their (preferably) non-electrical instruments (e.g., horns, strings, woodwind, percussion, accordion) and join me on stage at the Troubadour this Thursday, December 15. The only songs of ours I’m probably going to do are acoustic-guitar & melody based (i.e., not old songs with shouting vocals), plus maybe a cover or two; if anyone takes me up on this, we can choose a set list based on whichever of  those-type-of-songs everyone is prepared to play. I’m hoping of course for some degree of musical competency from whoever might join me (as after all, folks are paying money for the show…we’d like it to not be disastrous). but you don’t have to be a bona fide professional, just solid at your instrument and thoroughly familiar with the song(s) you’ll play on. If you don’t have a ticket, don’t worry: I can likely get you in for free, especially if you’re a good player.

We made up a temporary e-mail account for this very purpose. If you’ll be taking part, kindly let us know: