A Message from Aaron

December 15, 2011

Concerning the Troubadour Show on December 15th:

peace to you and hello,

thank you to everyone who responded to our offer to come play onstage in L.A. tomorrow. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to say yes to everyone…We had around 40 replies, far too many to fit on the Troubadour’s modestly sized stage. Plus, the promoters limited how many folks I could get in for free (for which, of course, I don’t blame them in the least). The result is we’ve got about 15 folks planning to play tomorrow, who were chosen based on a few factors (how quickly they responded, what instrument they play, how familiar they seemed to be with our songs, etc.). I’ve contacted them with a few e-mails with all the details, setlist, chords, etc.) So, if you’re not on that list of folks I e-mailed, I’m afraid the invitation for you to play tomorrow no longer stands. I say this in hopes that no one drives a great distance with an instrument but without a ticket, hoping to find me & get in for free – my guest list is already maxed out (and then some). Our loving gratitude to everyone who responded, and apologies that there’s not room for everyone. Please have a wonderful night, whatever you’re up to.

Thank you again, Aaron W.