Ten Stories Streaming on Spotify

May 08, 2012

Did pre-order Ten Stories from our web store and are now waiting in anticipation for the instant download on May 15th? Have you been on the fence about the band since the direction of the last album? Did you not know the album leaked last week? Are you in America? Do you have Spotify? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions you are in luck. Starting today you can stream our entire new album “Ten Stories” only on Spotify!

Don’t have Spotify? Go Here to download the app on and then just sign in with your Facebook account. Its really easy and its also a cool way to discover new music. Also… we were not paid to say that. So that’s saying something. But you know what does pay us (and subsequently keeps the band afloat)? Buying the album! And good news too because now with the invention of the internet you don’t even have to leave your room to buy records anymore. Just head over to http://mewithoutyou.11spot.com to order a copy of the CD, the LP, or our snazzy Deluxe Box Set.