Video Premiere: February, 1878

March 26, 2013

So here we are… almost a year since we first premiered February, 1878 on Paste Magazine’s website. Usually music videos come out when a band is pushing a new album. And admittedly we are WAY later on getting this out than we had planned (Hey, give us a break we’ve never had to do this stuff on our own before). But maybe its timing is perfect. Because as we reach the anniversary of this song’s premiere, we can look back and reflect all on that’s happened. We self-released our fifth record, “Ten Stories,” with greater success than we could’ve imagined (Thank you!). We’ve driven all over the country and flown across the world. We got to play with bands we never thought we’d get the chance to play with. We’ve added a new member to the group, Brandon Beaver, who’s added a whole other dimension to our sound. And not to get too sappy here but we’ve grown closer, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, some of us have brought new life into the world, some of us have found love. Needles to say it was a banner year for our band and the best part about is that we were able to do it together. We like to think that this little 4 minutes of candid footage is a reflection of that time. So with that please enjoy our new music video for February, 1878.

Naturally you can stream and share this video from our YouTube page. But if you would like to download this video in HD quality we are offering a DRM-free version of the video HERE. All we ask is for a donation of your choice ($1 minimum). Producing our own music videos has proven to be more costly and more time-consuming than maybe we had anticipated. So we are hoping with your donations that we will be able to budget more wisely in the future which will of course allow us to bring you more cool stuff. No pressure though.