Video Premiere: All Circles

June 10, 2013

Today on Monday the tenth of June, twenty-thirteen in year of our Lord we present to you the All Circles Official Music Video, directed by Michael P. Heneghan, on VEVO. This is from the director:

The egg breaks, the atom shakes, the earth quakes, the DNA snakes, the man takes. Life and love, sex and death, the first murder and then the train goes off the tracks. This universe will be the undoing of itself. Look for clues – do not trust the blue mouth man, he is not what he seems. Elephant knows the way. Our hearts must be broken for our souls to escape. Where will it end? Where did it begin? All circles presuppose…

So please enjoy! Also don’t forget that you can download an offline HD copy of the video for yourself by donating what you want through PayPal. You can do that here through our All Circles Music Video Donate and Download page.

Merch Shipments Delayed 3-4 Weeks

Because the mewithoutYou Online Store is independently managed by the band, orders for merchandise placed between June 29th and July 24th may encounter shipping delays of up to 4 weeks due to personal time away. Please contact customer service with any inquiries.